Secret agent squirrel, S.A.S for short, has been involved in multiple fields of computing for over 20 years. His in-depth experience has translated to enhancing your entertainment experience. He's proud to introduce the Squirrel PC - Internet TV module. This quad-core, micro-sized computer allows for full 1080p HD capabilities with reliable service via pre-programmed algorithms. Best part, never pay subscription fees again!!!

The Squirrel PC runs off of your pre-existing internet connection and offers an endless amount of content, including live-streaming. Not only does it offer domestic material, it also provides selections of media content from all over the world. We’ve had owners of Apple TV, Roku, Netflix, and others purchase Squirrel PC's as their primary units.


  • Reasons:  
  • Superior Processing Power
  • Reliable Performance Delivery
  • Massive Content
  • Evolving Content


This device provides easy access to the latest movies and shows in the comfort of your home. Got a song on your mind? Adding another layer of value, The Squirrel PC also delivers endless music streaming for practically all genres and tastes. There is even icing on the cake... Phones and tablets, made by android and apple, seamlessly act as interactive remotes, enhancing the experience. Its as easy as downloading an app and connecting to the net.

Lightweight and portable, you can take hours of streaming enjoyment anywhere there’s an internet connection. With its simple internet setup, and basic user navigation platform, anyone is capable of operating the system. The device is setup to be user friendly; helping even non-computer savvy users find their favorite media with ease. Connects to your TV through an HDMI port and a small power source plugs into the wall. SAS also provides basic tutorials on connection and navigation. To simplify the user interface even more, each Squirrel PC comes with a TV like remote, including a full keyboard on the back.

This device is setup to enhance your TV experience in every way. Similar to the death of home phone lines, the Squirrel - Internet TV module is poised to replace cable. It makes a great gift or buy one for yourself! See our support page for more details on the Squirrel PC - Internet TV Module. Orders placed ship swiftly via UPS to anywhere within their delivery network.