Video Calibration

Step 1. Select System from the menu.


Step 2. Select system from the bottom of the list.



Step 3. Highlight Video Output.


Step 4.  Arrow over and down to Video Calibration. Select Video Calibration.



Step 5.  Here you want to hold down the directional arrows on the remote (up, down, left, right) to adjust the top left and bottom right corners of the screen. After you have the top left corner bracket adjusted press the "OK" button on the remote and adjust the bottom right corner bracket and press "OK" on the remote. You should see a bracket in the top left and bottom right corners of screen when properly adjusted.  (as seen below.) Press "OK."


screenshot019 screenshot020


Step 6. After adjusting the corners of the screen you will need to adjust the subtitle bar this is done by holding down the up arrow on the remote until you have the title bar positioned on the screen to where you want it.  (example below.) Press OK after positioning.



Step 7. The final configuration is to adjust the box on the screen this normally does not require configuration just select the "OK" button here.



Step 8. Press the back arrow on the remote until you are back to the main screen.